Our Initiatives

The youth today have a huge impact on society, along with the incredible amount of policy change being worked on. The voices of the youth are the ones that are going to change the dysfunctional world we live in today. Things need to change and the youth should get a say in the world that they will be left to run. We may be young, and half of our peers may not even be over fourteen, but we’re the next generation to inherit the world. That might not seem like a lot, but we all know that change needs to happen, and we will fight until we are heard. The Gen Z generation is just starting out-- these problems are going to concern us both now and into the distant future! We deserve a chance to speak up and be heard instead of being ignored, because we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

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Our initiatives:

National Initiatives


Ensuring K-12 schools are a welcoming environment for all students through assuring the cleanliness and safety of the schools, removing police from schools and replacing them with mental health and conflict resolution professionals, making sure that teachers and administrators receive anti-racist training, imploring districts to hire and retain more minority teachers, and securing that all aspects of the K-12 curriculum is representative and mindful of the diverse perspectives that make up the reality of our world. 


Amplify student voices through the implementation of student advisory boards at every elementary, middle, and high school. 


Reforming our criminal justice system by abolishing all private prisons and prioritizing reformative justice over punitive punishments.


Reimagining how we envision police by putting all officers through independent and extensive racial bias and stimulation training, reallocating police funds and thoughtfully putting said funds back into communities, and making specialized service departments accessible through 911 so first responders may be social workers and mental health professionals instead of armed police officers.

Rhode Island Initiatives

Promote opportunities to earn high school and college credits through RIDE’s Advanced Course Network to low-income communities and communities of color through a campaign to raise awareness of the program. 

Closing the Rhode Island Training School (RITS), an underfunded juvenile detention center for “troubled” youth.