What is the goal of the education sector of Gen Z: We Want To Live?

 Our main goal is to arm people with the tools they need to create change in their own communities by providing them with context and information as well as a national and international network of like minded individuals.

Our programming focuses on grassroots youth organizing and preventing performative activism, especially in anti-racist work. Rather than just telling people what they're 'supposed' to do, we discuss key issues, historical context, and advocacy tools, ultimately encouraging personal development

Why do we teach personal development workshops?

Community organizers and allies may not always be 100% prepared when first getting into advocacy, but their determination and willingness to learn and work outweighs their experience. There is no telling what change these budding organizers and advocates can bring when supplied with the right materials and information.

What workshops does Gen Z: WWTL have to offer?

The History of Youth Activism
Navigating Local, State and National Politics
The Process of Youth Organizing
A Breakdown of Racial Inequity
The Importance of Voting and Representation
The Importance of Media Representation
Activism In the Classroom
Social Media Activism
Introduction to the LGBTQ+ Community
Sex Ed for The LGBTQ+ Community
Enthusiastic Consent
Guided Discussion on Sex, Media, and Culture

...and many more


With these workshops, you are able to mix+match, create bundles, and customize them to your liking. If you are interested in having a workshop created, that is also an option!

What is 'The Generation of Change' course?

While Gen Z offers a plethora of courses, The Generation of Change is our flagship offering. 

The Generation of Change is a two-week workshop which aims to prepare participants from a variety of backgrounds for effective advocacy work. Through education and experience, students have the opportunity to study relevant topics, learn from leading professionals, and develop their own skills and initiatives to become better leaders of change in their own communities. 

Educational Courses One-Pager:

Professional Development One-Pager: