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About Us

Gen Z: We Want To Live is a national grassroots youth-run organization based in Providence, Rhode Island, dedicated to building a coalition of skilled young activists to fight for our generation through youth advocacy and political influence.

Meet the Youth

 As youth, we saw many people fighting the good fight without usー forgetting us. We are not just the voice of tomorrow, we are the voice of today. There are many pressing issues now that the world is facing that as the next generation we will face later on as well. We are looking to solve them sooner than later. 

Our Initiatives

We are focused on all issues regarding our generation. When youth or adult allies sign up to join the fight with us, we give them a list of 11 social justice issues that they could work with us on! We have many initiatives we’re focusing on around the Black Lives Matter movement itself, but also on ways to negate systemic racism. Our youth policy team has also created initiatives around educational equity and reproductive health.

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